Sunday, April 26, 2009

Tuscan Retreat Bath Oil

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Try this bath oil recipe to give your skin a silky smooth feeling.
It also rejuvenates and uplift your spirits.

I call it my "Tuscan Retreat"

2 T. Glycerin

2 T. Grapeseed Oil

1 T. Olive Oil

1 tsp. Jojoba Oil

1/4 tsp. Castor Oil

2 tsp. Sweet Orange Essential Oil

5 drops Rosemary Essential Oil

3 drops Jasmine Essential Oil (optional or substitute Ylang Ylang Essential Oil)

Use 1 Tablespoon per bath. Pour oil under running tap to release aroma of essential oils.
This oil also works great as an after shower moisturizer. As after shower moisturizer: blot skin gently after bath or shower then apply oil to slightly dampened skin.

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Splendid Little Stars said...

What a great recipe! Thanks for sharing!