Monday, April 13, 2009

Grateful Heart

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I recently opened shop at Etsy. I love my new digs and the community of creative spirits there. Etsy has a nice little feature that allows you to "Heart" a shop as a "favorite." Very similar to bookmarking but I think "Hearts" say it with more flare!

I opened "Savon Shoppe" in February 2009 and have about 71 "Hearts." I can hardly wait to reach 100. I'm very Grateful to all those who have "hearted" my shop already. Thank you.

I to want show my appreciation to all those who have "already" hearted my shop by offering a 30% Discount on their first order (refunded through paypal) and a special "free" gift to the 100th "Heart". It could be you.

To receive the discount, please type "Grateful Heart Discount" in the comments of your order. If you are number "100", I will notify you for shipping info only.


Splendid Little Stars said...

Congratulations! You have wonderful photos of lovely items. AND a great blog, too! Wishing you much success! ♥

Jamie's Jewels said...

Good luck with your new store..Its lovely..Im new too :)

TresArtsy said...

Your beautiful creations whet my artistic appetite! Wow...