Saturday, March 14, 2009

Peek in the Pantry--Olive Oil

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Wanna a peek in the Pantry--Let me take you on a tour.
Here are some of our basic ingredients. As you can see they are pretty common and easily assessable. I choose my ingredients for their overall skin nourishing benefits.

First shelf is full of Olive Oil

and more Olive Oil
Olive Oil is a staple around here. Why? Olive Oil is a natural humectant. This means it draws moisture to the skin. It moisturizes the skin without clogging the pores. This allows the skin to breath. Olive oil can go from the kitchen to the bathroom. Olive oil goes into just about every formula I create. It has a hundred and one uses.

  • Lowfat Cooking Oil
    I use it in most of my cooking.
  • Bath Oil
    I sometimes add a tablespoon to the bath for a quick easy skin softener.
  • After Shower Moisturizer I use it neat--when I jump out of the shower. While I’m still wet I douse little puddles in my hand and smooth it over my entire wet body, then a gentle towel off. I hardly ever use lotion. When I have time and want an extra special treat I add some nourishing essential oils to get more of a boost to my skin and spirit. Oooh la la…talk about silky smooth skin.
  • Hair Moisturizer It makes a great hot oil treatment. Heat a few ounces by sitting it in hot water a few minutes. Then generously apply to scalp--a squeeze bottle works best for this. Put on a shower cap. And let it sit for 15-30 minutes. Get an added boost by wrapping a warm towel over shower cap or sitting under a dryer. Add some Rosemary or Sage essentials--what a treat for dry brittle hair.
  • Superior Soapmaking Oil I use it as the base oil in most of my soaps. It adds a nice velvety lather with small slow bubbles to soap. And it makes a pretty hard long last bar. It's excellent for sensitive skin. It gives it what it needs and enhances its function.

    Now you see why I have so much Olive Oil. Yes, around here Olive is King! Come back again for another peek in the pantry.

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