Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is in the Air...

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I love Spring!
Spring is about Fresh New Beginnings.
Out with the old--in with the New!

Spring Cleaning…is an inevitable aspect of Spring. I’m cleaning out the Studio. I have a fledging new shop at Etsy and while I’m am still learning the ropes, I’m also revising, revamping the shop and products there as well.

Today I got rid of my old avatar and uploaded a fresh more inviting one. You can judge the results for yourself. See the before and after Etsy Avatars above. Or visit me at Etsy by using the link on the sidebar which also features the latest previews of enticing Savon Shoppe bath treats.

I read a post in an Etsy business forum; by the way, this is a good place for Newbies to visit, anyways, the post was about the importance of good avatars. It made some interesting points. Some avatars just invite you to click them. What do you? I decided to revise my avatar which had been hesitantly designed to coordinate with my shop banner. I made a brand new avatar from one of my shop’s fresh enticing treats. What do you think? Does it make you want to click?

Back to bath treats…I’m on the hunt for some new scent blends for Spring. I’m so excited. “Spring in the Air” so how does it smell? I try to use Essential Oils as much as possible; however, with my savon shoppe collection most products revolve around foods. It’s often difficult to achieve blends that mimic something other than the original plant or fruit essential oil has been extracted from.. Of course there are folks who do specialize in this so, as a mere, self-taught novice, with a partially disabled, often stuffy, rhinitis, nose; I bow to their wisdom. I do sometimes have to use fragrance oils to achieve a desired scent. I’ve become accustomed to the herbal aromas of essential oils which I personally mix for their therapeutic qualities over their scents. However this too can often create some intriguing scents.

I have two beautiful cherry trees growing in my yard. Planted by me when I moved in over ten years ago. They are starting to bloom.--a delightfully eye catching site. I’m inspired and began working on a Cherry Blossom scent using essentials oils. I’ll keep you posted on other upcoming spring scents,

I feel a crisp Spring breeze bringing whiffs of Cherry Blossoms as it wafts by.
Yummm. Makes me yearn for Cherry pie, maybe I'll throw one in the oven or "soap pot."
Yes, “Spring is in the Air.”

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