Saturday, March 14, 2009

Going Green My Way

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Are you GREENing up? Have you considered living in a more eco-friendly way? I have. I use my crafting as my starting point.
Yes, I'm going way.

What does “Green” mean to you?
Are you going Green?

In many ways crafting is intrinsically green. It allows someone to take simple items and put them together in unique ways to create something useful and beautiful by hand. When I think of green I think hands, hearts, and earth all working in a synergistic fashion providing an opportunity for all to shine. It’s balance and harmony. Doesn’t that sound creative.
I am creative and try to embrace eco-friendly aspects into my crafting. Some of my most creative projects are the results of repurposing or recycling.

I’m a soap maker so I feel I contribute greatly to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. I make my own soap free of harmful synthetic detergents. I make other things too and use recycled or natural materials.

Yes, I'm going way.

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