Sunday, March 15, 2009

Cloth or Puff...How do you bath?

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I'm so excited and happy to see Spring arrive. I want to play and have some fun. Take our survey. Let's play and have some fun with a little Bath Trivia. We'll call it--Bathopathy.

I overheard two coworkers discussing whether shower puffs or scrubbies were better than an "old fashion" wash cloth. They were both fans of the wash cloth. One said she didn't feel clean using shower puffs or scrubbies.

Personally, I prefer the shower puff or scrubbie. I like the gentle exfoliation I get with each use. It also seems to rinse cleaner that cloths (to me). Although I do use cloths for my face. Scrubbies enhance the rich lathering characteristics of make my natural soap best.

What about you? Some people, guys mostly, just use the soap itself and their hands. What do you like to use wash cloth or scrubbie? Take our survey down below. I'm just curious. Feel free to leave comments if you like. Tells us why.

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