Sunday, March 29, 2009

Creative Synergy

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The creative process is different for everyone. Where does creativity come from? I think creativity comes from deep inside--the heart. I think that is part of what makes a handmade gift so special. Sometimes my creativity stems from necessity and sometimes from unaffordable desires.

When I was about thirteen, I made purses from old worn-out blue jeans. Then in high school I took a Creative Cooking Class and loved it. I learned to decorate cakes and before long I was racking up orders from my mom's nursing co-workers and family members. Believe it or not I still have and use the cake decorating tips purchased for that high school class.

Necessity caused me to become a soapmaker. I was diagnosed with severe eczema and psoriasis (heredity) and could no longer use commercial products. I was devastated. Taking long luxurious baths has always been an inexpensive luxurious way for me to relax, escape and pamper myself. I quickly learned to make my own soap from scratch.

I've learned many new craft skills during my life (most of them self taught). Many times after learning a new craft skill I want to expand it and often incorporate other craft skills to bring a new exciting dimension. This happened to me with soapmaking. I brought my previous cake decorating skills to my new soapmaking skills and starting creating some very fun and interesting soap products.

Maybe you've done this too. If not, stop and think about all the craft skills you have. Perhaps there is some creativity synergy you've overlooked.

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