Friday, May 15, 2009

Inspiration Sandwich

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“This Book contains Food For Your Soul” reads the inside cover. Followed by a Table of Contents with the heading … “ How to Be an Artist” which is a cleverly clad inspiring list of edicts… beginning with Stay Loose, followed by more specific instructions like Laugh A lot, Get Wet, Make friends with freedom, Hug Trees all the way to Write Love Letters.

This book was a gift to me from my cousin 10 years ago and it’s still a favorite that I return over and over again. Funny thing is she gave it to me when I was attending her college graduation.

Her inscription reads,

“As you nourish others with inspiration, be fed herein. Savor the feast of creativity & color.”

Inspiration Sandwichstories to inspire our creative freedomby SARK

SARK is Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy, the bestselling author and artist of fifteen books. She is a proud procrastinator, and a splendidly imperfect human bean.
She wrote her first book, A Creative Companion in 1990 and has written a book nearly every year thereafter. There are now over two million of her books in print. Her newest book, Juicy Pens, Thirsty Paper is available now.
SARK is an acclaimed speaker and teacher, and is the CEO and founder of Planet SARK, a thriving business that promotes empowered living. She lives in the magical city of San Francisco, where she is living juicy and fulfilling her childhood dream of being “a beacon of hope for the world.”

You can visit her website Planet SARK more creative inspiration, list of her other publications, forum, resources and events. An uplifting treat!

I thought I’d share this jewel with you to. It is graduation time and perhaps you know some creative people about to embark into a new phase of their life.

As a creative person, I know the importance of keeping your creative spirit fed. When I find an exceptional delightful morsel of inspiration, I hang onto it. Savor it as much and often as possible. “Inspiration Sandwich” is one such morsel.

Go to google book search for a sampling and more indepth preview of “Inspiration Sandwich” contents. There are well over 50 pages of this 164 page book fully accessible and viewable right there. There is also a sidebar with links to sites where the book can be purchased such as Amazon, Borders, Books-A-Million , Indie Bound, plus a few other such sites with prices listed. It averages $14.95 which is well worth it to anyone wishing nourish the creative spirit.

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