Sunday, May 17, 2009

Now NaCole at Cafe Bella

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This is the kick off for my “Awesome Artist Award”

This is my personal tribute to talented artists from varied venues.   This is a very special part of this blog.  It gives me an opportunity to pay tribute and spotlight creative talent in a very personal way and space.   I’m awed by the  process and challenges of creative people .  I hope my tributes lend a small ray of encouraging inspiration to help them continue in their endeavors.

So without further ado… NaCole Rice, vocal artist


 Last night I was happy to DSC04961-nicole n me copyattend NaCole’s Album Release Party at Cafe Bella in Nashville.    This young lady is so special to me.  She is  the  daughter of  a cousin and she has been a life long best  friend to my son, Bryan.

Her new Album is entitled,

“Now NaCole”

Nicole was born to sing and she has been too, all her life.   She is also best friends with Kimberly Locke, former American Idol contestant.  She and Kimberly both started singing together professionally in their hometown group called “Shades of  You.”  The group had a loyal local following.  Eventually the members began to spread out and pursue their own personal paths.   Kimberly went to college and then on to American Idol.  NaCole stayed at home, married and began her family but never gave up singing.

Her path to success has been a slow, steady plodding that has allowed her to polish her performance and solidify our vocals.  NaCole has a very rich soulful earthy voice that is capable of  belting out flawless renditions of  some of the music world’s most talented great artist from Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston, Mary J Blige to Jill Scott.   And she can do it acapella.  “Now NaCole” is her debut of an original soulful collection showcasing her rich soulful vocals.

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Splendid Little Stars said...

Wow! That's awesome! Thanks for introducing us to NaCole! May she have continued success.