Thursday, May 21, 2009

Relaxing by the Lake

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This is my favorite local spot to relax. It’s a wonderful local lake that is filled with many childhood memories for me. I can sit and watch the waves ripple in and spread out again, smell the breeze, and feel the sunshine warm my skin and spirit.

I’m inspired again, Mother Nature is filled with magical wonders that fuel my inspiration. Watching this family of ducks and others bask in the sunshine reminds me of my own family. My immediate family is a rather small unit compared to our overall large extended family. This means there’s always something, good or bad, going on with and in the family.

We are currently grappling with the effects of aging and the failing health of some of our family matriarchs. It makes this year’s planning of our Annual Family reunion, particularly special and important.

Take a minute to watch a short video of my most recent escape about sunset, a few days ago. My creative spirit is quickly energized by these momentary escapes. Come relax with me, maybe you’ll be energized and inspired by Mother Nature’s unyielding gifts.

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Splendid Little Stars said...

sounds wonderful... I will have to come back to see videos. I'm in the process of installing my new computer. I, too, am dealing with aging family members and health issues, most importantly now, my mother. It is so important to seize the opportunities to spend time with loved ones, for one never knows....and the memories are so precious.